oliver, joly or rio! 16 mixed latino enby bisexual ptbr/eng

yes!! malu jinnie, bbangnyu, jukyu, wujuboyz, coding, sanrio, ggroups, frank ocean, lettering, dia, pink

noo!! weirdos, incels, liberals, armys, math, terfs, annoying lgbt discurse

i talk about everything that i want, not a part of "smth"twt, i post pics of myself sometimes, ot10 deobi, i like to interact w my mutuals, sb over mute/unf, more active on priv (but sometimes not lol), not really active ig

btspoppers, yoongi stans, stan problematic idols, terfs, dont respect people pronouns, just dont be annoying or weird pls

changmin younghoon juyeon

the boyz, wjsn, loona, dia, cherry bullet, gwsn, stayc

weeekly, cix, fromis, f(x), brave girls, txt, ytsn, everglow, wonder girls, elris, red velvet (ot4), aespa, twice, 2nd gen ggs

wonyoung, chaeyeon, gahyeon, yukika, eunwoo, eunsang, woodz, kim wooseok, minhee ++

the music player is draggable!

twt. whi. spotify. ccat.

Stereotype by Stayc!